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What is Rubrix?

Rubric (‘rü-brik) noun – as a rule
1. A statement of purpose of function
2. An established tradition or custom
3. A set of guidelines or protocol for how
something will or should be done.
Synonyms: Tradition, Principle, Standard

Brix (‘briks) adjective
Degrees Brix (symbol °Bx) is a measure of dissolved solids in a liquid and is commonly used to measure the sugar content of an aqueous solution, such as in fruit juice and wine.

Rubrix, a fusion of the words “Rubric” and “Brix”, is not only defined as a measure but rather our invitation to explore the hidden depths and complexity of Arizona Wines. Like a rubric, we provide a structured framework to appreciate and enjoy the journey from vine to glass. Our partnership with passionate growers across our state, who painstakingly craft each varietal and adhere to our unique set of guidelines, guarantees extraordinary quality and consistency. We believe that wine is more than a mere beverage – it is a conduit to connect to our land, our craft, and our community. Simply put, these wines
are our…

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